Art Mania Studio

Founded in 2008 by Fee Madigan, Art Mania Studio (AMS) is now a forerunner in the region. Firstly, the core value behind AMS is not just running art classes, it’s creating a community hub. That is to say, establishing support networks, and helping people’s wellbeing, including Fee’s & all the staff that work here!

Our studio is incredibly unique as we offer programs to suit a range of ages and abilities using a wide and varied spectrum of mediums. We are always happy to tailor-design programs on request in order to deliver the best possible experience to our students. So we welcome all levels of experience from absolute beginners to experienced artists. Certainly, the diversity of experience and age is what makes our studio so distinctive!

What makes our hearts beam is seeing the impact having a creative outlet has on people’s lives.

We believe life is too short to neglect your creativity, everyone has it within them, no matter how long it has lain dormant. Everyone has the capacity to be creative through learned technique, and we strive to provide a wonderful foundation to experience this.

Fee’s passionate team want to share their experience and knowledge to help inspire and encourage their students on their journey of self-discovery and growth. Our classes have been described as “the cheapest therapy in town”, as you truly get more out of it than a piece of art to take home.


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