Natasha Lenaghan

Natasha is a local glass bead artist. Her foray into creating glass beads began in 2007 with a beginner class at Chockadoo glass studio in Sydney.  Following a move to Ireland, Natasha undertook classes with Ruzica Ruane (Cadenza Glass, Dun Laoghaire). 

The process Natasha uses to make her glass beads is called lampwork.  This process involves creating each bead in the flame of a propane and oxygen fuelled torch.  The beads are then placed in a kiln to anneal. 

At present Natasha is focused on designing and making jewellery from her glass bead creations utilising sterling silver and leather to produce eye-catching pieces.  Natasha’s is inspired by colours and forms in nature such as shells washed up on a shore, fallen seed pods and aerial photography of coast lines. 


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