Crystal Moments

My name is Cathy Hutchins and I am currently living in our nation’s capital, Canberra. I am married and have 2 teenage boys. I have recently taken a break from nursing after 37 years, deciding it was time to concentrate on myself and my hobbies for a while.

I have always loved anything craft or handmade, going to markets, and I am constantly looking for new challenges, ideas to make.

Over the years I have dabbled in ceramics, clothes making, Christmas crafts of all types, gemstone wire trees and the tree of life but my main 2 passions are making beaded jewellery /sun catchers and Pebble Art.

I am self taught and started making pebble art just over 2 years ago.

I create my works use pebbles / stones, sticks, sea glass, shells and gemstones. I source my sea glass mainly from France and the UK, though I have used pieces found in Australia. Living in Canberra, it can be a full day outing to get to the nearest beach, though I do collect shells there whenever I can.

I also source some of my favourite pebbles from Greece, though alas, not in person! The majority of my stones are bought in bags, though I have been known to pinch some from my neighbours’ gardens whilst out walking my dogs. 

I love the freedom that comes with selling my pieces and being able to travel around to different places but I especially love being able to meet new people and being able to share my passions.


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