Berny Bacic – Burrow Studio

Life is complex, but through her art, Berny Bacic simplifies its essence as she explores the nuances of balance, structure and the various shades of our emotional existence. Berny’s paintings seek to explore the self—our various fragments and how they interweave together to create the story of us. This continual process of life—falling apart at the seams and restitching ourselves back together—, creates something more complex and more beautiful over time.

‘We all consist of many different pieces. It’s how we stitch these parts of ourselves together to create something beautiful, authentic and powerful that really inspires my work.’ – Berny Bacic

Many of Berny’s works are mixed media, using acrylic, pumice, gesso, fiber and moulding pastes. She uses contrasting textures to create tension between shapes, reflective to that of our emotional states.

Berny is an accomplished Sydney-based designer and visual artist, having led the highly respected brand and design studio, Burrow, since 2002.

Berny is determined to help others enrich their lives through untapping the power of creativity.


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