Polina Karuso

Polina Karuso was born in Saint-Petersburg Russia Living and working in Wollombi NSW Australia.

2001-2005 University of Culture Saint-Petersburg Russia
2006-2008 Fashion School Saint-Petersburg Russia
2017-2018 Private Life Drawing Classes , studied under Amanda Davis.
2017-2018 Private Ceramic Classes , studied under Amanda Davis.
2020- completed Diploma of Fine Arts Hunder TAFE, Ohrimbah Campus

In 2009 Polina came to Australia with her Husband and Son and settled in Wollombi NSW. Living in the bush inspired Polina to start painting. She joined local Life Drawing and Ceramic Classes, which were ran by Local Artist Amanda Davis. Amanda`s Passion and dedication to Art influenced Polina and encouraged her to start professional Art Education. In 2018 Polina joined Hunter TAFE (Diploma of Fine Arts) where she is a current student.

Being an Emigrant Polina finds challenging fitting in into modern Australian society. Through her Art She is searching for common grounds between two cultures she now belongs to.

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