Jasmine Christie

Jasmine Christie is a Newcastle based contemporary abstract artist painting on Awabakal Country. As a Palawa woman, Jasmine pays respect to elders both past and present and the land she lives and works on.

Jasmine began painting and drawing from a very young age. Her parents have said that if there was a surface, Jasmine would colour it with whatever material she could find. At the age of 19, Jasmine was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. At age 26 she was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis and an ovarian tumour. After multiple surgeries, Jasmine finally became a mother which inspired her to start painting full time. Her works are created from human experience. Jasmine’s pieces mostly represent the intangible, such as human emotion, and the transformational change that takes place within oneself after being affected by events in our lives. As a previous youth mentor, she is passionate about expressing emotion and loves the way art creates human connectivity in a space.

Jasmine is inspired by being of service and aspires to bring joy into people’s homes and lives. “I want my work to serve as a reflection on where people have been, but most importantly, how far they’ve come and where they are yet to go.”

Jasmine has studied many courses in Visual Arts and has studied an Advanced Diploma in Business and Management.

Jasmine mainly works with mixed media such as Acrylic, oil pastel, pencil and loves to express plaster, sand and gold leaf in her works. She loves working with many tools, particularly her hands and loves the satisfying feeling of completing a work.


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