Eva Dominello – Designed by Diva

Eva is a Sydney based lamp-worker, making original glass beads using Venetian made Effetre & Vetrofond rods, as well as millefiori, gold leaf, fine silver foil & fine silver wire.

She also uses the fusing technique to make kiln-fired glass pendants. In January, 2018 Eva did a refresher lamp-working course at the “Scoula del Vetro Abate Zanetti” in Murano, Venice with master glass artist Diego Bottacin. This follows a course she completed in 2007 at the same school with master glass artist Andrea Penzo.  Studies were also undertaken in Sydney at Roseville Community Art Centre. She now teaches lamp-working privately, and at Sydney Community College. She sells her work at markets and fairs.

All her work is unique. Eva’s also uses an extensive range of authentic vintage & contemporary Venetian glass beads. These beads sourced directly from artisans & antique dealers in Venice. Many of these antique beads were used as currency, trade beads, by European powers in Africa, Asia & the Americas.

Qualifications: M. Environmental Education; BA (hons); Dip teach


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