Alana Lerch

Alana Lerch is an artist who loves it all, she produces a range of emotive acrylic abstracts, still life and even luscious woven fibre works. A mum of 2 and a private art teacher for her mobile art studio (Alleyway Family Art Studio) she has always had a passion of sharing the love of making and has recently ventured into creating and sharing her very own art. 

Alana’s intuitive abstract works explore experiences and inspiration from her everyday life with emotive layering of paint colours, hoping her work connects to the emotions and experiences of others as much as it does her own. Always following her intuition Alana’s current works also feature cheerful florals for simple reasons of creating joyful beauty to lighten the homes of others.

“I have always loved giving and inspiring others with my passion for art. Since becoming a mum I have used art making to rediscover pieces of myself and am motivated by my children to continue to inspire but now with my own artistic journey.”


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