Judith Franklin – Indigenous Artist and Print Maker

Judith is a contemporary artist from the Darkinjung people of the Central Coast, NSW. Art has always been a part of Judith’s life. She uses a variety of mediums and has studied painting and print making at Newcastle University and Tafe. Judith gains inspiration from her own family background and life experiences and has receivedContinue reading “Judith Franklin – Indigenous Artist and Print Maker”

Anna Elena Art

Anna is a Hunter based artist, utilising many mediums including pen, copic markers, acrylic paint, pencil and watercolour. Her art style has been described as ‘Fantastic’ illustration with a heavy influence from the Gothic style of art and architecture. Anna says her work is also influenced by religious concepts, the human emotion, fantasy, and anatomy.Continue reading “Anna Elena Art”

Amanda O’Bryan

A multi-disciplinary creative, designer, artist, founder of Creative Queen Bees and author of ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’. Amanda draws from 20+ years as a practising creative and business owner. Known for her high-end imaginative ideas and artistry, she collaborates with business and brands with a speciality in illustration, works on commissioned personal art pieces and exhibitsContinue reading “Amanda O’Bryan”